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Courage to Climb

Courage to Climb

by Sherry Shoemaker

Life throws a lot of curveballs, and one of the greatest gifts a person can receive in difficult times is the support of understanding friends. When those people come forward to listen and to share their own experiences, it reassures us that we are not alone and that we can in fact surmount whatever obstacle is in the way.  

In Courage to Climb, Author and Life Coach Sherry Shoemaker takes readers on a cathartic journey that echoes this universal experience of sharing with others so that we may find the necessary confidence within ourselves for meeting life’s challenges. In story after extraordinary story, 12 women — including Shoemaker herself — reveal the biggest tests of their lives and how they turned them into successes.

From a mother who lost her son to leukemia, to a woman who overcame domestic abuse and crippling poverty, to a nurse who defied the limits of her workplace, the women in Shoemaker’s book emerge not as cautionary tales or supernatural heroines but as women with whom anyone can relate. They are women who had doubts, and who encountered sometimes impossible circumstances, but who relied on their inner strength to see them through the bad and to transform themselves into stronger, better people.

Drawing on her personal experience and professional training, Shoemaker not only tells each woman’s story with compassion and accuracy, she also uses it as a springboard to guide readers in their own personal development. Each chapter’s final section, Reflections, features Shoemaker’s insights on how the woman in question overcame the negative obstacles in her life and how readers can develop those same qualities in themselves to improve their own lives.

This book is close to Shoemaker’s heart, featuring only women who live in Pennsylvania’s Bucks and Montgomery County area. Some of the women are Shoemaker’s friends; others are people who came into her life at the right moment. And while their circumstances may be wildly unfamiliar or all too close to what readers have encountered themselves, the women offer a breadth of experience and emotion that feels universal, even as it’s specific to each woman’s life. Such is the power of Courage to Climb: It speaks to readers on a deeply human level while exploring how they can become — as the women in the book have—happier, healthier and more fulfilled human bein


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Local Book Launch to Benefit Bucks County Opportunity Council


“Courage to Climb” features 12 Bucks County womens’ stories of courage, hope and inspiration

(BUCKS COUNTY, Pa)  Fulton Bank Doylestown will present author and life coach Sherry Shoemaker, offering thoughts and wisdom from her inspirational new book Courage to Climb, 12 Women Surmount the Impossible, during a book launch scheduled for Wednesday, November 20, 2013, from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. at 379 N. Main Street, Doylestown, Pa.


Life throws a lot of curveballs, and how people respond to them often determines their sense of satisfaction in life. In Courage to Climb, Shoemaker takes readers on a cathartic journey through the lives of 12 extraordinary Bucks County women who faced seemingly insurmountable challenges and turned them into successes. Wives, mothers and daughters alike will find both inspiration and step-by-step guidance in the book to help them become—as the women in the book have—happier, healthier and more fulfilled human beings.


“My mission is to help women understand that no matter what the circumstances, you always have a choice;  to trust yourself that you can handle what ever comes your way and live your best possible life,” says Shoemaker.


 I was blessed with the opportunity to speak about my book, Courage to Climb, 12 Women Surmount the Impossible. The book is available on Amazon. Here is the link to the podcast of your interview with The Scott Adams Show which aired on both WFYL 1180 am on Friday May 13 and Red State Talk Radio on Tuesday May 17. My Interview interview is at the 43:43 mark. Listen Now


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